We're planting "Seeds of Resistance" to help grassroots communities fighting Big Oil and working to protect our land, water and climate.

Your donation will now go directly to support local landowners and grassroots groups fighting Keystone XL, and to spread the "Seeds of Resistance" to other communities across the country who are battling risky fossil fuel projects. 

(Click here for a report from the fourth-annual planting of sacred Ponca corn on the Tanderup farm in Neligh, NE on May 21, 2017.)

Seeds of Resistance Tour 2017: June xyz

The Cowboy and Indian Alliance that formed to defeat Keystone XL — including Ponca Nation member and Bold Oklahoma coordinator Mekasi Horinek Camp, Nebraska farmer Art Tanderup, and Bold Nebraska's Jane Kleeb — will travel to Virginia and West Virginia for the second consecutive year in June 2017 to plant "Seeds of Resistance" on land that lies in the paths of the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley fracked gas pipelines.

The first "Seeds of Resistance" were planted as medicine on the Keystone XL pipeline route in 2014 by the Cowboy and Indian Alliance. The sacred Ponca corn was returned to the tribe's ancestral homeland in Nebraska for the first time in 137 years, when the tribe was forcibly removed from Nebraska.

Since their first planting in Nebraska as a strategy of blocking the Keystone XL pipeline and building a Cowboy and Indian Alliance, the "Seeds of Resistance" have spread across the world, to Ecuador, Minnesota, Wisconsin and other communities standing up to Big Corporations.

Donate to help plant the "Seeds of Resistance" and show the power of Pipeline Fighters.

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